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Voser emphasised that there will be a lot of job creation in the UK. This may seem absurd, but it is exactly what is happening in the Nigerian oil and gas industry no thanks to the Royal Dutch Shell. You may not like what is stated, but it is all true. Aniva on Dec 11th, at Why has Shell decided to risk using the Polar Pioneer, another secondhand rustbucket drilling rig in this case nearly 30 years old , in Alaskas Arctic?

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Read all messages, voice and video calls. To be honest, I was just being a bit of a smartass with that MI6 comment, but the ogy seamed apt. Families coming home from expat assignments to find a letter telling them they were fired, competent senior people retired to make way for the diversity pick, bullies promoting bullies and BG plants being elevated beyond the incompetence they showed in their own organisation. Ifpeople wish to write such stuff v it makes one wonder how informed they really are?

But despite its importance, the Nigerian Government over the years has not been given natural gas development in the country the rightful attention it deserves. Have not heard from you since you admitted accepting gifts from vendors doing business with Shell. Yes, we learn from history but we dont have to regurgitate it repeatedly.

They have denied you a proper education, decent housing, basic medical care etc. He was one of those continually on the take — bad apple as far as we were concerned. I am certain potential litigants will find it informative and helpful. We Irish seem to be blessed with turning a blind eye to injustice at home when money is involved. I lost my iphone 6 help me. Hes married to a gorgeous woman, Cheryl, and raises his five children Ruby, Gracie, Kyle, and twins, Gordan and Jonathan in a big house. What next?

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I think not. Since in Asia Shell has started business in some countries only a decade ago, this severance pay comes only a few months salary for staffs of those countries. Shell game: Please note that Bill Campbell has replied to the comment in question. I supplied evidence to the chief investigating officer last week. As for the gold plating that still goes on, where there is any spending at all. Not sure what the ammunition comment means, are you being positive or negative.

The series centers on a closeknit group of maids who are bonded together by their jobs, life struggles and the melodramatic upstairsdownstairs universe that engulfs their employers. Stumbled on your website just now — just recently an event took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I feel going forward that the biggest technical obstacle limiting the high side of oil prices may well be oil fracking.

The 2nd stooge, Forrest Lauher, just got ran off and will leave the site shortly. Shell, BP, Statoil et. The two most alarming items being investigated by the police GSOC overseer are Shells demands by CEO no less to falsify a police statement to protect a police officer and Shells covert gifting of alcohol to the police that were ensuring free passage to the Corrib site at land and sea, have for no good explanation dropped off the radar at GSOC.

GoldenTriangle Watchman on Feb 14th, at John, there is no issue with my post. Strongly recommend that its best to read some of the UK newspapers for a more sensible write up and debate on the oil price fixing. And for HR, they havent served the people in a long time. Observer on Sep 18th, at John — saw your interview — thanks for the entertainment.

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Always happy for both sides of a debate to be published. This is a great message from the leaders to the worker bees Do as we say, not as we do. Kevin Hegarty. Veritas on Aug 19th, at John, I normally appreciate your site for its neutrality, but its clear now that Shells North Sea leak is fixed that at least two of your experts you cited in your August 16 post, and possibly all three, were very very wrong.

CorporateHR on Aug 2nd, at Bware. Some of the code has been open source since and outside app developers have been allowed to experiment with it. With you being in HR, I can understand why this whole topic doesnt feel good. In a few months time, we will publish all of the additional evidence. Wolf Tracker Spy Phone Im going to show you how to spy on a cell phone using spy apps. Outsider on Aug 19th, at LondonLad: To build a good system needs time, dedication and good leadership.

I wonder what caused that? These value limits are listed at intranet site. There is no mass attempt to let people go. Exxon next purchase for Mr. Some people may remember Schoonebeek Crouching Tiger on Jan 8th, at Good to hear those on the Calgary gravy train are being thrown into the expensive tar.

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Too bad you have had to pull so many posts lately because even you, as biased as you clearly are, had to admit they were full of garbage. That meant having geologists, etc. Anything short of this should be seen as fraud, and rejected.

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Im curious as to why there is so little in the press outside Nigeria on the subject of OPL I quote his closing remark: In order to satisfy Superintendant Murphy OSSL set about obtaining this key piece of information several dozen requests were made in writing to Shell the Commissioner. Tel: Relieved on Dec 26th, at Nothing substantial is going to change at Groningen, and there are two reasons why: And he had a great sense of humor! Or, perhaps, he thought that by working for a British plc he might be in with a chance of a Knighthood? People survey talks and Shell doesnt listen.

I think Shell might want to rethink their plan. New to the site, thanks! Blowdown and Pressure Relief is a safety critical system and as such had a BG Performance Standard Ref: Separately on Vosers new vision — the fundamentals for changing actions and results is to change peoples experiences and their beliefs. There are actually many ways to find and track a lost Android phone.

Surprised you have not mentioned the retirement of Fergie? If its ok with you both I would like to continue to post my views on this website. Shell and Nigeria has consciously and completely destroyed the Niger Delta and particularly Ogoniland. OR, maybe this is just another piece of rumourmongering by an individual who has a problem with Shell?

Probably less than 0. His so called advice was more of an insult than advise. I will be revealing truths about people Ive worked for and with — It appears that you are slower than two mating tortoises in posting your promises. Greed, lack of vision and intellectual dimension, disunity have thwarted that bold and holistic effort at freedom.

Relieved on Mar 12th, at Fraud, theft, blackmail, bribery, extortion, blackmail, espionage, and what else. How to Trace a Cell Phone using such spyware apps? Build a cryogenic gas plant and processing of gas for flared gas reduction and environmental pollution. Or does an internal army of lawyers mean that Shell and its directors are above the law? It would be critical to not destroy all of the changes for the sake of a better culture. The article is essentially about design philosophy related to risk on what are very special industrial plants handling hazardous substances offshore installations and the paradox about what would be acceptable in a planning application on land compared to what is done in international waters on the high sea.

Keeping a close eye on our contractors was a very cost effective way to operate, and it paid off handsomely to do so. Ill show you what the best spy phone app is and how to use it No, I definitely exaggerated in that first paragraph. McNamee created his SpyPhone software precisely to show how powerful mobile malware can be — and how easy it is to create and distribute. He said it only took him and his colleagues two weeks to write the code, because they used standard and widely available Android APIs. In fact, his SpyPhone software doesn't take advantage of any exploits or vulnerabilities, and doesn't actually need to compromise the phone in any special way.

What McNamee and his colleagues have done was write code that can be injected into any existing app, be it Angry Birds, Facebook or any app available on the Google Play store. The code makes the app access all the functionalities that hackers would need to spy on a victim.

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At that point, a malicious hacker would just have to repackage the app and put in the wild. What's most dangerous about this kind of SpyPhone malware is that, once the app is installed, the user will never know he's being spied on — he has no way of knowing. He'll happily keep slinging birds while somebody secretly monitors him. And, being developed as an Android "service," the malware keeps running even when the app is closed.

The user might find out something weird is going on if he takes a look at the unusual permissions — like access contacts, use the camera — that the app requests when installing it. The other catch is that the best way of getting the app on somebody's phone is to actually have the user install an Android Application Package file. It's harder to push the covert SpyPhone app through official channels.

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If you have a busy schedule, making weight loss a priority can be a challenge, software spy phone the benefits softwwre being in shape are worth your efforts. Completely agree. I wonder what caused that? So, you see rad catalogs, the assets folder is located first, there are such things as sounds, then there are resourses folders, lib libraries, but the key is the smali directory, which contains the code and the assembly language format. How to use mxspy- gps cell phone Phone spy no jailbreak without permission :. You will need: decent multimeter.

Google would detect that somebody who is not the actual author of the software is distributing an Angry Birds app, although it's not impossible to get the SpyPhone malware on Google Play. McNamee thinks that by putting a brand new app online — instead of injecting malware into another one — they could get past Google's monitoring technology. And experts in the field agree that the risk is real. Baumgartner called Google's model of screening malicious apps "broken. In some countries, Baumgartner explained, activists and other phone users are advised not to use official channels like Google Play for fears of them being monitored, so they are used to installing apps downloaded from third party app stores or received via email.

That also opens up an opportunity to attack users via spear-phishing attacks.